Friday, April 24, 2009

Gadget Sites

Okay, I checked out the sites with all the techno-gadgets and I have no idea what most of those things are and what they do. Maybe if I need one of those things or one of those applications, I'll learn about it then, but until then.....

What I did do this week that absolutely TOTALLY jazzed me was learn a whole bunch more about Novelist by teaching a customer how to use it. We discovered some things together like setting up a personal account and dropping books into a folder and then printing out the list. What a great idea for book clubs when members need to bring recommendations and suggestions for new titles! You can even share your folder with others. Very cool!

The other observation about technology this week was that we're learning the 27 Things together and we're helping each other and it's been alot of fun. Yes, there are times we need to be alone to figure some things out for ourselves, but this week was great and we all crested our surfboards at the top of the learning curve wave!


  1. NovelList is by far my favorite database, and I love being able to show that one off!

  2. Hey - here's an idea for our NEXT 27 Things: make it database-focused. We have at least 27 databases to discover.